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At Purpil Research, we are in the business of gaining insights. Specialising in qualitative market research, it is our expertise to gather thoughts, opinions and underlying motivations. And one of the ways we do this successfully is to make sure you feel at home, with us. So sit back, get comfortable and discover the Purpil difference.

Purpil Research was inspired by a unique twist to the colour purple. The colour of good judgment and royalty, Gabriel believes it signifies the work ethics of his staff along with the warm hospitality that awaits all of his guests.

Embodying the friendly approach of the company in its cursive fonts and the delivery of strong results in its bold fonts, the company’s logo design reveals the “arch” in the word research, signifying the supporting framework that binds the unique working experience at Purpil Research.


Purpil Research provides local competitive quotes, with expertise in logistical planning and agency translation.

Gabriel takes the lead at the at least 10-strong Purpil Research, backed by 22 years of market research experience in both local and multi-country project management and planning.

Despite his keen understanding in both fields, Gabriel prefers to focus his expertise on the local segment.

Prior to joining IPSOS, Gabriel was with the field operations team at Research International dealing in both qualitative and quantitative research. After Research International’s merger with TNS Global, he streamlined his area of expertise to qualitative research.

Gabriel shares his motivations, “Qualitative research garners fast results. And more importantly, I get to see both clients and respondents smile. And that ultimately makes my day.”

It is perhaps with this mantra that Gabriel is often referred to as “Mr Resourceful” in his operational skills. He is known for putting his clients’ mind at ease by delivering a highly results-oriented operations management plan.

Today, with over a decade of experience under his belt, Gabriel has established a large network of recruiters, freelancers, and suppliers in the field. Outspoken, firm (sometimes loud) and efficient are some of the words used by fieldwork partners and suppliers to describe Gabriel.


Project Management
Client Servicing
Methodology Consultancy
Focus Group Discussion
Central Location Test
Street Intercept Immersion
Ethnography Mystery Shopper
Business to Business
Freelance Moderators
Respondent Recruitment
Transcribing & Note-Taking
AV and Video Recording


Purpil Research believes in collaborative work where other market research agencies, end clients and experienced market research related gig individuals can become our allies.

With in-depth knowledge of the industry, we can act as reliable support services in respondent recruitment or provide a neutral facility for focus discussion groups. Rest assured that there are no conflicts of interest or confidentiality issues in using our services or facilities.

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